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You know your target group. With our turn key solution you can reach your customers fast and with ease. You don't have to use your company's valuable resources to maintain the service. We take care of everything. Just use our simple online form to create your message and we will deliver it to your customers' phones immediately or at the time specified.

This is an example of how a restaurant would use our service to increase sales and customer loyalty. The restaurant gives promotional cards to customers and places table stands throughout the restaurant. The same offer can also be included in their newspaper ads and direct marketing materials. Customers add themselves to the restaurant's list by sending text message SAVE (each restaurant receives a unique key word) to number 41513 from their cell phones. The restaurant can then send marketing messages (with a special food or drink offer) to this list by using our simple online form.

Text any of the following keywords to 41513: Club,Car,Cafe,Video,Alert

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Text STOP to 41513 to opt-out from any marketing campaign. Standard/Other Charges may apply. Supported carriers: AT&T, VerizonWireless, Sprint, Nextel, T-Mobile, Alltel, Virgin Mobile, Cellular One, US Cellular and Boost. Terms.

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Netcom's solution clear winner with NFL

In 2007, Netcom Consulting was approached to design an SMS-based security solution for stadiums and arenas.
Drawing on ten years of software development and working closely with our marketing partners and the security team at Dolphin stadium, the perfect solution was created. Our system is being used by the Miami Dolphins, the San Diego Chargers, the Minnesota Vikings, the San Francisco 49ers and collegiate teams.

Since being implemented in NFL stadiums, our system has helped fans with medical emergencies, prevented fights and has made attending sports events a more pleasurable experience for tens of thousands of fans.
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